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Pain control – sciatica

I have suffered severe sciatica for 25 years, following an accident at work. 
After the accident, I had weekly physiotherapy for 12 month, after which I was told I was as good as it was going to get.
After just 25 years of suffering a deterioration, I have received 8 treatments of acupuncture and massage with Dr Dong at Hillsborough.
The improvement is what I can only describe as amazing.

The benefit was noticeable after the first treatment and is now some 90% better after the eight sessions.
If you have sciatica, you know just how much of you life it affects (everything you do).
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Dong’s treatment.
I do not exaggerate in saying that, it has transforming every aspect of my day to day life.

Thank you
Graham from Sheffield (age 54).

Pain control – shoulder injury

I came to the Chinese Doctor five weeks ago in severe pain and distress from a shoulder injury.
I was given acupuncture and massage over the next five weeks.  
Although the massage was sometimes painful, the end result is amazing! 
I am now move more freely and have no pain at all. 
I would recommend the treatment without hesitation and they are really nice people and very helpful, considerate and would definitely come again. 
From Carol H.

Panic attack, stress and insomnia (the client’s letter)

I came to Chinese Traditional Doctor. I took 5 sessions of acupuncture. 
I am amazed at how it works and my health is improved, specially nerve system. 
Thank you God and Chinese Doctor.
From Somali

Asthma control

Had asthma since age 22 and was taking ventolin inhaler.
Asthma got worse at 37 and had to start taking steroids of Pulmicourt.
But since 8 treatments, I no longer need either my asthma steroid preventer or ventolin relivor. 
I am now age 42.

A recommendation from a professional sport massage therapist

As a professional sports massage therapist, I can see fantastic results in such a short time. 
The method used in this particular massage combined with the medicines given are things we don’t do in western message.
I recommend this treatment to all. The knowledge is something that can’t be taught.
It’s been passed down. You cannot learn this in university or college.
From Golland massage therapist