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Frequently asked questions

about TCM

photo of acupuncture needles
Does acupuncture hurt?
The patient should feel a slight sensation as the needle contacts the Qi. This feeling is known as 'Deqi', or getting Qi. Deqi is not inpleasant and the sensation can be either a dull ache, numbness, a tingling or a sensation of heat. In some instances the sensation travels along the line of the meridian and can affect whole areas of the body or limbs.
What can acupuncture treat?
Acupuncture can be remarkably effective in many conditions. The effectiveness is strongly dependent upon a thorough and accurate TCM diagnosis. The needling skills and techniques of the TCM doctor will also influence the effectiveness of the outcome.
What conditions can herbal medicine treat?
TCM herbal medicine can be very effective with many disharmonies. A TCM doctor will diagnose the disorder based on TCM theories and decide on a treatment.
Can I combine TCM treatment with western medicine?
A lot of patients undergo TCM treatment alongside conventional medication. It is advisable, however, that herbal medicine and conventional medicine be taken at different times of the day. With TCM treatment, western medicine can usually be reduced slowly as the patient's health improves, in consultation with both the patient's conventional doctor and TCM doctor.